Links for Students and Parents
Parents and students can check to see if books are Accelerated Reader books and determine the level of books, and much more.
Study Island
Link to the Study Island Website
Interactive Report Card
This is an ISBE sponsored web site for school improvement.
Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning is a widely popular website for teachers to enrich and supplement their curriculum, plus they have a lot of fun activities for kids.
The History Channel
A link to the History Channel.  A great resource for history.
NASA Homepage
A link to the NASA homepage.  A great resource.
View books, authors, and many other activities.
Houghton & Mifflin Education Place
Houghton & Mifflin's Education Place for students has activities and games for most of our reading stories. (This will be for our reading stories beginning in January and continuing throughout the rest of the school year.


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